Decorate a Bedroom with Monster Trucks

Monster trucks are big-wheeled muscular trucks that leap off ramps, hurtle across parked cars and crunch through barriers. In arena exhibitions they are noisy, thunderous, dirt-throwing mechanical monsters. Monster trucks captivate children because they are full of noise and power through or over obstacles. In the toy world these monster trucks are vehicles of imagination where children become drivers and truck athletes. Create a theme bedroom for the monster truck fan with these easy tips.

Make a parking lot for the toy monster truck. Parking can be a storage cabinet or a reading bench that holds trucks underneath and monster truck books on the bench. Apply monster truck signs or decals to the parking area. Add a storage or toy tool chest nearby to hold monster truck accessories and parts.

Create a monster truck sleeping bed. Check department and discount stores for authentic licensed merchandise such as sheet sets and a bedspread. If monster bedding sets are not available, easy substitutes include a casual throw in monster truck design fleece. Match it to sheets in solid colors.

Hang monster truck curtains over windows. If ready-made curtains are not available, check fabric stores for truck fabric. A length of fabric can be quickly stitched with a wide hem at the top to fit over a curtain rod and a narrow hem at the bottom to prevent frays. The same fabric makes extra pillowcases or a lightweight bed throw for coordinating decor.

Decorate a monster truck wall with a vinyl truck mural or arena posters. Buy inexpensive monster truck pictures or cut magazine truck pictures for framing. Put up a corkboard or magnetic board for posting monster truck news. Wall shelves hold monster truck accessories and collectibles. Add a peg rack to hold truck hats and clothing.

Apply wallpaper border in monster truck designs. A wallpaper border is the quickest and easiest way to add wall interest without overpowering the room. Run the border across the baseboard or around a corner. Angle a border or highway strip diagonally across a bare wall. Cover the light switch plate with truck wallpaper.

Reduce clutter by using truck-themed organizers. Find or paint a toy chest with a truck or truck toolbox design. Use small toolboxes for storing personal effects and small treasures. Choose several plastic carry totes in truck colors and add truck or tool decals. Use a broad permanent marker to write the child's name on the totes. Use one to gather child toys or goodies scattered through the house. Put another by the desk or shelves for quick de-cluttering of the room. Keep a spare for the monster truck driver to use for chores.


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