How to Paint a Racetrack on a Bedroom Wall

For the young car or racing enthusiast, a racetrack on the bedroom walls offers an imaginative speed-inspired adventure without leaving the room. Create a tiny racetrack for a toddler to interact with on a low area of the wall, or create a larger track that covers the entire wall for a larger play area. Mix in chalkboard paint or magnetic paint for hours of playtime fun, or create a high-speed still shot for an older child enthralled with the sport.

Pint-Sized Play Area
Paint an overhead view of a racetrack along one wall with all the areas within reach of a toddler or young elementary-school student for a play area that takes up no floor space. Mimic the layout of a toy racetrack, such as a figure-eight or other looped, overlapping pattern, to provide plenty of racing space within a small area. Draw the layout in chalk before painting it on the wall to ensure you're happy with the design. Make sure the track is wide enough for at least two of the young speedster's favorite cars to drive upon during his imaginary racing adventures.

Magnetic Marvel
Create a wide, winding band of racetrack on the road using magnetic paint for the road surface. Plot the design on the wall using strips of masking tape as borders for each side of the racetrack pavement; then brush between the strips with the magnetic paint. Add a dotted line to create two lanes on the road, or make several lanes with thin lines of another paint color. Glue magnets to the backs of cars made from poster board or craft foam for an interactive raceway play wall.

Chalk It Up
Paint a band of chalkboard paint as a playtime racetrack and simulated chair rail separating the lower and upper parts of the wall. Paint several race cars on the track, permanently racing on the wall, but allow space for the young race fan to draw his own cars in chalk along the track. Add a wooden trim strip or railing beneath the lower edge of the racetrack as a chalk rest. For an older racing fan, paint a perspective shot of a straightaway along the wall, traveling from the bottom of the wall up to the top, narrowing it as it gets nearer to the top. Paint a checkered flag and use a thin strip of wood as the flag's handle, doubling as a tray for chalk. The perspective racetrack view allows an artistic child to practice drawing vehicles in perspective, honing his technique so the cars become more and more realistic.

Live Action Mural
A mural copying an image of an actual racetrack scene offers a bit of the excitement of an actual race without any of the noise. Project a favorite racing image on the wall, complete with cars, track and even fans in the stands. Trace the details in chalk; then fill them in with paint. For a young child, paint the scene in a cartoon-like style, adding the child's name to one of the cars, as if she is racing. Pets or favorite stuffed animals drive some of the other cars.


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