What Supplies Do I Need to Paint a Living Room?

If you're getting ready to paint a room in your house or apartment, it's a good idea to create a checklist to ensure that you have the right items to do the job. Few things are more annoying than starting the project and then realizing halfway through that you have to run the store to pick up something you have forgotten.

Painter's Tape
Painter's tape will make the job look more professional and much cleaner. The tape peels off easily and it used to keep the paint of of trim, windows, and the ceiling. The normal size is one inch thick and comes in rolls that are purchased in the paint section of the local home store.

Drop Cloths
Placing drop cloths down will keep the paint off of the floor and other pieces of furniture. Drop cloths can be purchased at a home store or they can be as simple as an old sheet that is placed on the floor and moved as you paint.

Paint Roller and Roller Pan
Applying paint with a roller will help you paint large flat surfaces more quickly and evenly. Rollers and roller pans can be purchased at most home improvement stores. When you select a paint roller, make sure that it is designed for the type for the paint that you are going to use and your wall texture. Thicker paints will require a thicker roller coating.

Paint Edger
This tool is a must-have for painting along ceiling edges and other tight areas. It is typically a 3 by 4 inch square with a pad of one eighth inch bristles on the bottom. It is dipped in the paint and then pushed or pulled across the surface at the seam of a wall. Some models have little wheels on one side that allow them to roll next to the ceiling or trim lines. These help create clean lines.

Stir Sticks
Stir sticks are used to stir the paint when the can is opened. It is also good practice to stir the paint when you are adding paint to the roller pan.


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