Design Tips for Beds in a Small Room

Many people live in small apartments or homes that feature even tinier bedrooms. When trying to decorate a small bedroom, get creative to prevent your bed from taking over the entire space. Choosing the right type of bed, nightstand and decorating colors will help make your small room appear larger.

Bed Frame
If you are purchasing a new bed for your small bedroom, go with the smallest size of bed possible, such as a full-sized bed in lieu of a queen-sized bed. Look for beds without bulky frames. If you feel you must have some type of bed frame, look for a model with a headboard only. A headboard and foot board will only make your room smaller. Also look for bed frames that sit low to the ground. According to Bedroom Designer, this design tip will add needed vertical space to the room, making it appear larger than it is.

Bedroom Storage
Use organizational tools, such as clear boxes or bags, under your bed to make your small room less crowded. Some beds even feature under-the-bed drawers which eliminate the need for bulky dressers in the room. Divide your clothing into categories, such as sweaters, jeans and shoes, and place them in separate drawers, storage boxes or bags. If you are seeking ways to make a child's tiny bedroom appear bigger, consider buying a cabin bed. According to Modern Decors, these types of beds come in several varieties that feature under-the-bed cabinets, drawers, double beds and work desks.

Many people require nightstands to hold personal items and reading lamps next to their beds. If you are looking for bedside table options in your small bedroom, use a wall-mounted shelf instead. This will leave valuable floor space intact, which will help make your room look bigger.

Your bedding choices will help to make your room appear larger or smaller, depending on their colors and patterns. Most decorators recommend using light, neutral colors for bedspreads and bedding materials. If you want to use a patterned material, choose a simple design, such as subtle stripes or monotone leaves. According to Decorating Your Small Space, using a white or light beige bedspread will make the room appear less cluttered and larger. If you cannot stand the idea of a colorless room, use a white or beige bedspread and paint the walls a light color, such as spring green, lavender or periwinkle blue, to give it a pop of color.


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