Romantic Things to Do in the Bedroom

No matter if you have been with the same person for many years or are in a budding relationship, one of the best places to do so is in the bedroom. There, you two can reconnect and rekindle the type of romance you once had at the start of your relationship or set the tone for a long romantic relationship to come.

Redecorate your Bedroom
Red is the color of romance. Andrew Elliot and his colleagues published a study in a 2010 edition of the "Journal of Experimental Psychology," that found women are more romantically attracted to men standing in front of a red background. Therefore, it's time to replace that old comforter from your wedding registry from 20 years ago with one adorned with beautiful hues of red. Place a few heart-shaped or red feathery pillows on the bed to enhance the romantic feel.

Enjoy a Spa
Instead of spending your evening finishing off the last work report on your laptop or playing games on your tablet, transport yourselves to an in-bedroom spa. Help your partner slip into a plush robe and lead him to the bed. There, give him a light Swedish massage, suggests staff at Mayo Clinic, to promote relaxation and ensure he'll forget about the work waiting for him tomorrow. Let him reciprocate. Consider giving each other additional treatments like a cleansing facial or pedicure.

Watch Romantic Movies
Without fail, you head to the movies for a romantic date only to have the person behind you kicking your seat throughout the flick. Instead of risking this, head to your bedroom to watch a romantic movie with your partner. Offer her a decadent piece of chocolate, suggests nutritionist Molly Kimball in "Chocolate and Romance? It's true: Foods Can Affect Libido, Sexual Health" published on Eating that tiny chocolate truffle increases libido and releases chemicals in your brain that produce pleasure.

Talk, Read and Plan
Shut the bedroom door, turn off your cell phones and electronic devices and take the time to focus solely on one another, suggests Rita Watson in "Eight Bedroom Love Secrets for Sweet Dreams, Loving Sex" published on the Psychology Today website. Take turns reading a romantic book out loud to each other. Discuss the contents of your chosen text and talk about how you can incorporate some of the ideas into your own romantic lives. As you lie next to each other, plan a vacation together. Even if you can't afford to take your dream vacation to Europe this particular year, talking about your desire to kiss your partner atop the Eiffel Tower will spice up the romance as you daydream about the experience.


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