Rearrange Your Living & Dining Room in a Ranch

The open floor plan of a Ranch-style home allows for versatility when arranging your furniture. While the design is open and free, trying to figure out how to position your dining and living room can be intimidating. Though you are working to create one big flowing room, a Ranch flows best when it is arranged into smaller sections while keeping an open feel and a continuity in design. Keep these design points in mind as you rearrange your living and dining room.

Group Your Furniture
While it might be tempting to position your furniture along the perimeters of the room, doing so can create too much space and a sense of visual dissonance throughout the room. Bring your furniture together to create conversation areas. Create a sitting area by facing two couches together, or placing them at a 90-degree angle and adding reading chairs to create a U-pattern that invites human interaction. A couch or a low bookshelf can also serve as a room divider without blocking the open space. Just remember to create stations that people can walk around and not through.

Use Accessories To Create Boundaries
Decorative pieces can serve as visual boundaries for a Ranch's open design. Area rugs can serve as an anchor for a central living room space, or can create a distinct dining area when placed beneath a table and chairs. Runners can add visual detail while dividing a room into two long halves. Low side tables can help divide sections of the room without creating visual clutter. Table lamps and floor lamps divide the room while dispersing light evenly throughout. Go with your instincts on how you will use this room -- a Ranch gives you the opportunity to create exactly what you need!

Keep The Colors Consistent
When creating stations throughout the open floor plan, stick to a strict color scheme to keep the look consistent throughout. Using three colors in various combinations can fill the room with color and allow you flexibility. For instance, a room anchored by a gray, navy, and green palette could feature gray walls, a navy and green rug, and a midcentury sectional with a large-weave fabric incorporating bits of all three colors. You could use navy as the main color of your sitting area, with gray and green as accents -- and gray with navy accents in your dining area. Disperse your chosen colors throughout the room along the walls, through curtains or paint or artwork, to help pull the room together.

Honor The Home's Style
Ranch-style homes were made to be simple and open inside and out, and reflecting the clean design in your decorating can update the look of your living and dining room. Choose furniture and accessories with simple lines -- contemporary and midcentury styles will look fresh and modern. Replace outdated knobs and detailing with modern choices that reflect your style but don't veer too much from your home's design. When adding picture frames, lamps, and other accessories, keep the detailing to a minimum to reinforce the home's streamlined style.


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