Ideas for Cream & Black Interior

Cream and black can create an elegant and modern interior look. Mix up the two colors to get the most of the palette and to achieve contrast in your rooms. Walls and large furniture are the mainstays in creating a noticeable color scheme and will guide the rest of your decorating. Add matching accents to finish your look and bring attention to the details.

Sofas and Chairs
Cream and black furniture will anchor your interior color choices. Cream sofas and chairs are available in a few different materials, such as leather, cotton and other upholstery fabrics. Light-colored furniture is often not appropriate for families with small children, however. Black sofas and chairs can also be found in leather as well as other softer upholstery fabrics. Living room chairs and loveseats can either match your sofa or be purchased in the opposite color. A black sofa with cream loveseat would make an interesting living room arrangement, especially if the throw pillows for each were also opposites.

Dining Room Furniture
Hard furniture such as tables and chairs can either be bought in the appropriate colors or painted to match. Cream dining room chairs with black seat cushions could make an interesting connection between the two colors. Natural wood will also look attractive with black and cream, so your dining room table could be a light or dark wood.

Choosing the right look for your walls depends on the color of the bulk of your furniture. If most of your furniture is black, then do the walls in cream to highlight your room. A cream coat of paint with black trim is an elegant look. Painting your walls black can darken the room considerably, as well as make the space look smaller. Instead, maybe paint one smaller or supporting wall black and the rest cream. Wallpaper designs with both cream and black in the patterns are another option.

Kitchen Floor
Don't overlook your kitchen floor as a place to establish your interior color. Cream or black tiles are available in different sizes. You could mix it up and create a pattern with both colors on your floor. For a funky style, try creating a checkerboard look.

Using accessories to mix up the colors is an effective idea. Try cream throw pillows on your black couch, or black picture frames on your cream walls. Lamp shades commonly come in a cream color, so match them with a sleek black lamp body. Black throw rugs on your cream carpets can not only look classy but also be used in high-spill areas to avoid stains.


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