Hang a Mirror Over a Sofa

Adding a mirror to your living room makes the space look larger, more interesting and more inviting. A mirror mounted over a large sofa in the living room gives an elegant look and feel to the room, while making it easier for family members to check their appearance on the way out the door. No matter what size mirror you plan to use, it is a good idea to prepare carefully. Moving a mirror that is already in place can be a time-consuming process. You will save more time in the long run by doing it right the first time.

Choose a mirror that matches the look and feel of the rest of the room. If your sofa and living room has a modern look, a highly polished mirror in black and chrome should look great. If you have a vintage living room, a more old-fashioned mirror might be better.

Measure the length of the couch and determine whether you want the mirror to hang in the center or off to one side. You can experiment with different positions by cutting a piece of posterboard the same size as the mirror and holding it up against the wall in various locations behind the sofa.

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the walls behind the mirror. You must place your nails or screws into the studs to hang the mirror securely.

Mark the stud location using a small pencil mark. Hold the mirror up against the wall so that the hangers on the back of the mirror line up with the stud marks.

Sit the mirror down and hammer a nail or mounting screw into the studs. Hold the mirror up and fit the hangers over those nails or screws. Adjust the mirror to make sure it is sitting level.


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