Decorate With a Tan Couch

Tan is a safe, neutral color that blends easily with any decor. But that safety can also be boring, and your tan couch can easily blend into a room with no interest or focal point. Use your tan couch as the base for a warm, earth-toned living room that blends chocolate brown, rich gold, pine green and mustard yellow for a harmonious look with a natural feel. Eco-feel designs will further add to the appeal of your room and complement your color scheme.

Lay down a rug with rich brown, warm green or a lighter shade of tan or beige. Look for an eco-feel pattern, such as leaves, trees, branches or vines.

Paint your walls a soft, warm color, such as cream, muted gold, palest pine green or soft brown. If you do not want to paint your entire room, create interest by just painting one wall a bolder shade, going into mid-tones of green, brown or gold.

Arrange toss cushions on your tan couch, finding accent pillows in natural colors and designs, particularly plant themes or subtle animal motifs.

Fill a corner near a window with houseplants on a copper or other warm-finish metal plant stand. Interesting pots in different shades of green, brown and gold will add to the richness of your room.

Look for other furniture pieces in mid-tone wood finishes or warm metals. Avoid shiny chrome or bright finishes.

Hang artwork that depicts natural elements, such as landscapes, ocean scenes, animal life or forests. Picture frames in dark wood or warm metal will work best in your room.

Display a few treasured collectibles on shelves or tabletops. Keep your room simple and uncluttered with an open, natural feel.


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