How to Design Living Rooms

If you know how to design living rooms it can save you a lot of money. You won't have to pay a decorator. Plus, you'll still have a fantastic space even if you have to live in a small apartment or a first house that isn't quite your dream house. It also enables you to define your own personal style. This is really helpful if you live in a suburb where most of the houses look the same. You'll be able to distinguish your home when you know how to design living rooms.

Keeping a scrapbook really helps in designing living rooms. If you are leafing through a magazine & you see something you love, just cut it out. If you are worried about being organized, try keeping one online. When you see a picture that you love, put it into online scrap booking software if the copyright allows for that. You'll be able to look back through the pictures & deduce several things about what you want. You should be able to tell an emerging theme such as modern style. You'll also be able to see what colors you are drawn to. The important thing is to be flexible. You might not be able to get the exact coffee table that is pictured. However, you can look for a cheaper version with the same lines that you can fix up or paint. You can even find this at a garage sale. However, when you have a design direction, your room won't feel like it came from a tag sale.

Play around online. There are a lot of free places to design a living room online. Some of these links are in the resource section of this article. You can even add in a picture of your actual living room, but you usually have to pay for this version. The free version allows you to play around with colors & shape so you can get a good idea of what you should be looking for when you design a living room. Look for a standard living room that you can decorate for free that resembles your room.

Focus. Most modern living rooms have a focal point. This is something that the eye is naturally drawn to that makes a statement. A focal point really shows that you know how to design a living room. It avoids all of the clutter of having of knick knacks around. You might consider building your fireplace wall out to include bookshelves. You may want to add molding to the walls if your home lacks architectural elements. Go back to your design scrapbook & see what the "wow" factor was in the rooms that you chose.

Map it out. Often times people get stuck & think they totally need to redo their living room. You can design a living room without spending very much money. Just rearranging the room can mix things up & create a sense of flow. If you haven't moved in the furniture yet, try laying down blue tape on the floor. This will give you an idea of proportion. Measure your room before you go shopping so you don't have any surprises like a sofa that is too big to fit into the room. Also remember to measure any stairwells or doorways to make sure you'll actually be able to fit the piece inside your home.


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