Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms

Living room curtains can create a dramatic design and give your room an updated look. Consider the height of your windows, design of your room, decor and style of your furniture when choosing your curtains. If you are on a budget, try making your own curtains. If you have a favorite fabric in mind, consider the type of material and where it will hang. It's always good to bring home a few samples before you begin a project to make sure the color matches with the rest of the room.

The Basics
When deciding what type of curtains will work best for your living room, one of the most important things to keep in mind is their function. Do you want the curtains to provide privacy and block out light or will they be strictly decorative? Another important element is the type of fabric. If you wish for the curtains to stand out in the living room, consider a bold and bright fabric. Or, if you prefer a simple design, consider solid neutral colors or sheers. Another important element is that you know the exact dimensions of the windows. You don't want curtains that are too short or too long for your windows.

Curtain Ideas
If you want to draw attention to your window, consider a color and pattern such as a stripe, a gingham or a bright plaid. Raw silk works well with bright colors and creates a slight sheen and gives texture to the fabric. Stripes and plaids also work with most floor types and can create depth in the room.

Sheer curtains work well when you're aiming for a simple design. Not only do they provide a clean look, but they also are very affordable. Bunch them together for more privacy, or hang them behind a double-mounted curtain rod with a set of panels. Double-mounted curtain rods work well with sheers, because they don't compete for space on the curtain rod as a heavy fabric would. Because they are neutral in color, they look great against any paint color and coordinate with most furniture designs.

Roman shades work well if your windows are small where a decorative curtain might overpower the room and cover any architectural details. Roman shades hug the window, fitting perfectly within the window frame. When raised during the day, the fabric will hang in identical folds. Depending upon your design idea, you can choose between a casual or formal design.

For a dramatic design, try installing curtains that start at the top of the living room wall and drape down to the floor. Instead of just above a window, curtains that are hung from the top of the living room wall create a lot of height and are very bold. Try embellishing the curtain with a bold trim to frame out the window. During the day, use decorative tie backs.


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