How to Decorate a Living Room in Seashore Colors

The colors of sand, sun, sea and sky are often associated with the seashore. They are soft blues, tans and other light, inviting colors. When you want to give a living room a seashore feel, go to light, airy colors. You can have substantial furniture in this kind of room, but it needs to be fresh-looking, comfortable and informal. Give your room as much natural light as possible, and, of course, no seashore room is complete without shells.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Upholstered furniture in light colors
  • Window treatments
  • Accents

Begin with the wall colors. A pale, pastel blue can be a great place to start. Alternatives are sand, Navajo white or a similar off-white color. White trim lightens the room and keeps the seashore feel.

Use light, natural woods and even wicker. Avoid woods with warm, dark stains. Choose upholstered pieces in light solid colors or muted patterns. Bare wood floors work well with this kind of decor.

Stick with the blue, sand and white for your window treatments, although sea foam green and aqua are attractive options, as well. The treatments should allow for maximum daylight. White sheers coupled with linen drapes are an option.

Use accents like pillows or area rugs to add patterns and contrast. Small areas of color like pink or soft orange enliven a muted color scheme and give you the opportunity to add your own personal touches.


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