How to Choose Lamps for a Bedroom

Homeowners often underestimate the lighting needs in their bedrooms. Many people don't think further than adding an overhead light fixture and a reading lamp by the side of the bed. However, lamps in a bedroom can help create a romantic mood, provide safety and security, and make the room more functional. There is no exact formula for choosing bedroom lights; function, style, budget and personal preference all play a part in finding the lamps that work best for you.

Sit in your bedroom with all the existing lights on. Look for poorly illuminated spots that you wish to brighten up. Plan to buy tall floor lamps capable of holding high-wattage bulbs if you have large spaces that need lighting. Buy smaller lamps for task lighting, such as bedside reading tables or desks. Look for places where you might use small uplights for soft, ambient lighting.

Assess the function lamps will fulfill in your bedroom. For instance, a light that responds to sound or touch may be perfect in a child's room, but could prove annoying in an adult bedroom. Turn on your existing bedside light and lie in bed. If you wish the lamp were higher or brighter, you've gained important information regarding what to look for when purchasing a new lamp.

Measure the distance from where you would like to place a lamp and where the nearest outlet is. Refer to these measurements when shopping for lamps. Reconsider your lamp placement if it would require using extension cords in an unsightly or hazardous manner. Use an extension cord with a switch if it makes the lamp more functional. You soon will tire of using a lamp that is awkward to operate.

Coordinate the style and color of the lamps with the general decor of your room. A Tiffany-style lamp would look out of place in a strictly contemporary bedroom. However, if you prefer a more eclectic style there is no reason not to choose a unique or unusual lamp that makes a statement, as long as it is functional for your bedroom.


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