Organize Your Bedroom Easily

First, you need to develop a plan. Your plan should begin with the reminder that everything has a place. Once you determine the specific "place" for each and every item in your home and office you'll have a pretty good foundation for how the rest of the plan will be expanded.

Start with the basics. Organize the areas that you use the most. This is usually closets, cabinets and drawers. In your closet you can use "space solutions" such as storage containers and shelf dividers. This will help you keep all of the same items in the same place and at the same time preserve space that will allow you to store more things neatly.

Organizing your closet

A good way to organize your clothes is to use the right hangers. You can find hangers that are made especially for belts and ties. You can also find hangers that are made to hold accessories and multiple pairs of pants. Women usually need to get hangers with hooks in them so that their blouses hold up better on the hangers.

Organizing your cabinets or shelves

Organizing your cabinets is pretty simple. All you need to do is put related items together on the same shelf in correct size order so you can see everything. This means tall containers and jars should be further in the back while shorter, smaller containers and jars will be in the front. Accessories and other items can be further organized by being placed in a small container and placed in size order in the cabinet.

Organizing your drawers

The easiest way to organize drawers is to use one drawer for the same items. If you are organizing a sock drawer put all of the pairs within the same color scheme together. Underwear can usually be placed in the sock drawer using a divider to separate them. If you have a lot of each then a separate drawer would be ideal. Dividers are the best organizing tool to use when organizing drawers because you can keep several different items in the drawers and keep them organized with dividers.


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