Arrange Oddly Shaped Rooms

Odd-shaped rooms can be difficult to arrange furniture within because the odd shape won't allow for traditional furniture placement. The best way to arrange your furniture will depend on the purpose and function of the room, the size and layout of the room, your furniture and your decorating style. Your final furniture arrangement should work for your lifestyle and feel comfortable, as well as being visually appealing.

Create a focal point in the room if there isn't a natural focal point, such as a fireplace or built-in unit. The bed, media center, picture windows or architectural details can serve as the focal point of the room.

Place the largest piece of furniture in the room where it makes the most sense. If you have a corner fireplace in your living room, you could place your sofa at an angle facing the fireplace or parallel to it to work with the natural angle of the room. Use the longest solid wall for a bed or other large piece of furniture that works best against a wall. Walk around the room to make sure the largest piece of furniture doesn't block any doorways, windows or the general flow of traffic in the room.

Arrange complementary pieces of furniture around the largest piece. Tables or nightstands would go on either side of a bed, a loveseat or chair would be a natural sidekick to a sofa and chairs would be placed around a dining table. Again, walk around the room to confirm the placement is aesthetically pleasing and functions well.

Fill in the gaps with a rug, plants, side tables or other smaller pieces to ground the arrangement. In a large room with multiple windows, the entire arrangement might sit in the center of the room, while an odd-angled room would appear asymmetric to the walls. Account for long, narrow rooms by using round pieces that break up the narrow feeling.

Add pieces that work with abnormal angles, corners, recessed details or other oddly shaped spots in the room. For example, place a tall, narrow shelf in a small alcove to display pictures or situate a lingerie chest for storage. Long, hanging lamps can add interest and serve as a lamp behind a chair or sofa. Pottery, pictures, artwork, candles and plants are a few ideas to dress up alcoves or built-in display area.


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