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A kitchen garden window replaces a flat kitchen window with a four-panel window box. Usually this window serves as a small greenhouse in the kitchen, adding extra light and the ability to grow herbs, greens and flowers indoor throughout the year. Because most houses do not come with this special window feature, homeowners often purchase the windows at a retailer and have them professionally installed. And in the digital age, it is possible to search for and purchase a high-quality garden kitchen window online.

Browse the Internet for companies that sell kitchen garden windows. You can search broadly by typing "kitchen garden window" or "buy kitchen garden window" into your Web browser. To narrow your search, you can restrict the results to companies near you. For example, you could type "kitchen garden windows Michigan."

Decide what type of kitchen garden windows you would like. Some have an awning, and others have side ventilation. They also range in size and color.

Decide whether you want to install the window yourself or have a professional install it. Many companies offer installation for an additional fee, and if you do not have window installation experience, it is recommended that you have a professional install the window for you. Decide this before you purchase your window, as it will likely be something asked of you while you are completing your order.

Purchase the garden window by following the instructions on the purchasing screen. Depending on the company, you may have to purchase your window directly on the website, through an email order or via telephone. If you can purchase your window directly on the company's website, you will most likely need to have your credit card or bank account details available to enter when prompted.

Print your order confirmation and receipt when you complete your order. This will help you keep a record of your purchase and will tell you when you should expect delivery and installation of your window.


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