Styles of Danish Lane Coffee Tables

The Lane Furniture Company made Danish modern furniture in the 1960s. Danish modern is a vintage style of minimalist wood furniture originally from Denmark and then manufactured in other countries. Lane was a U.S. manufacturer that incorporated the popular Danish style into its line. Danish modern was popular in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. Danish Lane coffee tables come in a number of styles and are usually made of walnut, instead of traditional teak. You can find vintage Danish Lane coffee tables for sale in antique stores or on the Internet.

Lane Danish Modern Surfboard Coffee Table
In the 1960s, Lane Furniture produced a Danish Modern Surfboard coffee table. Today, Lane Surfboard coffee tables are rare. Many people threw out their Surfboard coffee tables when they fell out of fashion in the 1970s, and there are not many still left in the market. It's one of the few Danish modern tables to be made of walnut hardwood. The coffee table is long and thin, similar to the looks of a surfboard. Because of the table's length, it has six legs.

Lane Danish Modern Basket Weave Coffee Table
Lane's Basket Weave coffee table measures about 20 inches long. It has two rounded "V"-shaped legs that support its length. At the center of the legs rests a shallow drawer with a basket weave design on its front, for which the table is named. Lane made its Basket Weave table line in the late 1950s and early 1960s. You can now find Lane's Basket Weave tables for sale online or at auction.

Lane Danish Modern Round Coffee Table

The Lane Danish Modern Round table is made of dark walnut. The four legs of the table taper toward the bottom, accented by brass rings at their tops. The main feature of this table, other than its round shape, is the tile design at its center. The center of the table has six white tiles decorated with a square design. The Modern Round table can be difficult to find in good condition with all its original tiles.

Lane Danish Modern Dovetail Coffee Table
The Dovetail coffee table was part of Lane's Acclaim Furniture Series. The table was extremely popular in 1963, characterized by its unique swivel table design. The Dovetail is actually two coffee tables in one. The shorter and smaller coffee table rests beneath the larger table. If you need more table for your guests, you can pull or "swivel" out the lower coffee table to form an "L"-shape coffee table.


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