Shelving Ideas for Bedrooms

Shelves are an attractive way to display your favorite items and provide extra storage in your bedroom. Because you can find shelves in practically every color and material, you can match them with your bedroom design. Shelves are also very affordable, easy to install and can be a creative way to jazz up your bedroom. Visit a home improvement store for shelving ideas; make it a fun weekend project.

The Basics
A wall shelf is an affordable way to hang up your favorite things without taking up a lot of space. Hang them in pairs to showcase your decorations and create a interesting design, or in your closet for extra storage. A bookcase can also make a great shelf as well as create height in your room. Shelves are simple to install with the right tools.

Shelving Ideas
If you need a lot of shelving storage in your bedroom, consider one or more bookcases. Depending upon their size, bookcases can provide a lot of storage and create height in your bedroom. Most bookcases come in the basic colors so you may want to paint them a bold color to create a focal point in your bedroom.

For a modern design, try glass shelves. Because glass is colorless, it showcases your objects nicely. They are very sturdy and match most bedroom palettes. Try installing brushed metal brackets to hold up your shelf and create a clean design in a modern bedroom.

Wall-mounted shelf organizers with built-in hooks work well in a bedroom when you don't have a lot of space. Use these in your closet or by your door for hanging accessories and keys. Shelf organizers come in many colors and can be painted.

Corner shelves work great in bedrooms. This is often wasted space in a room. Corner shelves are easy to install and are effective spaces to display items. They usually hold up to six pounds so you can't place something extremely heavy on a corner shelf. You can also find corner bookcases that provide a lot of space for keeping your odds and ends.

If you want to display heavy items on a shelf, you must attach the shelf to wall studs. They are easy to find with a stud finder and will provide adequate support for your shelf. If you don't have a stud, try using wall-mounted brackets to hold up your shelf. You can buy shelving kits that contain all of the essential hardware as well as mounting instructions. If you're installing a large bookcase, be sure to secure the top and bottom to the wall to prevent the bookcase from tipping over.


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