Living Room Ideas for Dark Green Sofa

While a dark green sofa in your living room may seem like a weight on your decorating choices, much can be combined with the sofa to create a cohesive theme to the room. Like most large pieces of furniture, the sofa will be the focus of the room due to size and color, while accent pieces will liven up the space by brightening up the room.

Wall Matching
Paint your walls three to four hues lighter than the color of the sofa. Alternately, an off-white room balances the sofa's shade rather than fight for attention. A combination of white and a lighter hue as the accent wall also helps reduce the harshness of the dark sofa.

Add accent accessories in lighter hues of green to lighten the room. Plants, throws and accent pillows are all suitable home accents that even out the darkness of the sofa. Add an oak or white side table, or place a light-colored coffee table to complement the sofa. Add a patterned area rug underneath the sofa to pull the focus toward the rug's print. Make sure the rug has some green in it to create cohesion in the room.

Choose white or natural window treatments. Window treatments such as curtains should be white, natural or sheer to allow lots of sunlight into the room to prevent the living room from appearing like a cave. A well-lit room improves the overall appearance of a room, regardless of dark furniture. Keep blinds open during the day to allow plenty of light in, and keep the room bright in the evening with a floor lamp.

Wall Treatments
Add metal decorations on your living room wall to brighten the room, or hang a wall mirror to open up the room's space. Mirrors positioned toward a window create a reflected view of the outside, which causes the room to appear larger. Avoid positioning the mirror toward the couch, as it works against the room by increasing the appearance of dark colors.


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